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This area is an online resource for CCRES staff. Look here in the future for new internet functionality, as CCRES strives to become a paperless workplace.

Staff Information System

Use the Staff Information System to request case assignments, change contact information, enter hours worked for payroll, report absences, and update work availability. Logon with your own unique username (your own personal email address) and password (first name and last name initials followed by last six digits of your social security number, ex. password for John Smith, SS#123-45-6789 would be JS456789).

Forms, Information and Schedules


Streamlined access to all H&CS forms, supervision schedules, training information, and H&CS staff directory. This access includes all clinical forms used by Home & Community Services by BSCs, BSAs, MTs, TSS and BHPCAs. The Supervision schedules are current for TSS and BSCs/MTs. The training information includes answers to frequently asked questions and current training requirements. An updated listing of H&CS staff contact information is also available.

Click on this link or go to

Directions using the Moodle site:

Sign in using your Moodle log-in and password [generally your log-in is your email address, and your password is your initials (lower-case) followed by the last six digits of your social security number, no spaces].

You will see six icons on the front page. They are self-explanatory, but you will see icons for Supervision schedules, Training requirements, H&CS Procedures Manual, Course listings (trainings), and Resources, which houses all of the clinical forms.

Once you click on the Resources icon, the page to which it takes you may show only one county's forms, even if you click on the map of a different county on top.

Look to the right on the list of forms and you will see a box that may have a horizontal line through it.

Click that box and it should open up the entire page for you to scroll up and down.

Other Staff Resources

Saint Joseph's University Online Collegiate Partner Scholarship

CCRES has formed a partnership with Saint Joseph’s University to offer our staff a 10% reduction toward the cost of attending one of Saint Joseph’s online programs, including:
M.S. in Special Education - Specialization and Certification options include:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which includes the BCBA training curriculum


Eastern University Tuition Grant Voucher

CCRES has formed a partnership with Eastern University to offer our staff a tuition grant in the amount of $65 per graduate credit toward the current year tuition charge for selected programs, including:

M.A. in Counseling Psychology

M.A. in School Psychology

ABA Certification


Staff Referral Bonus Program
• Earn a bonus for referring great people to work with us as TSS, PCA, MT or BSC.