Grant Funding

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In addition to providing outstanding educational and behavioral health services, CCRES prides itself on being fully invested in the community. To that end, CCRES offers grant opportunities to the schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations in its communities.

List of 2015-2016 CCRES Grant Recipients

Click to download a copy of the 2016-2017 CCRES Grant Application

Thank you for submitting your 2016-17 grant application by the March 31, 2016 deadline. Notifications of grant awards will be sent in early July 2016 and a list of recipients will be posted on our website.

Funding Priorities

The CCRES Board of Directors established the following funding priorities for 2016-2017 CCRES grants:

1. Continuing Grants

2. New Grants

a. Regional Education Services
b. Community Services for At-Risk Youth
c. School Projects Focusing on Student Development
d. School Projects Focusing on Student Achievement

Grant Types

The funding range is $1,000 - $5,000. CCRES will consider larger requests if extenuating circumstances warrant. Matching funds, a specific dollar amount that the grantee or other outside party contributes to the project, are required. Exceptions for In-Kind contributions may be considered.

The following types of grants may be awarded:

Capital (Funding for construction or equipment)

Challenge (Funder sets fundraising goal for grantseeker to reach; reward if met)

General Operating Support (Funding for the general purpose of work of an organization including: personnel, administration, and other expenses for an existing program)

Project/Program (Funding for specific initiative or new endeavor, not general operating support)

Seed (Funding designed to help start a new project or charitable activity, or to help a new organization in its start-up phase)

Technology (Funder donates technological equipment)











Funding Restrictions

CCRES is not presently considering inquiries from or for:

For-profit organizations
Political Action
Programs outside of CCRES funding priorities